Combination Request Form

Instructions to file this form:

  1. You may enter up to 14 valid parcel numbers (exactly as they appear on your tax bill including dashes and dot)
  2. This combination will not be completed if any of the following conditions exist at the time of
    • Any overdue taxes are on any of the parcels
    • Ownership doesn’t match exactly
    • Parcels are not contiguous
    • Parcels lie in different sections
  3. This request will be processed for current tax year. Canceling or undoing a combination will require the recording of a document (i.e. survey or deed) showing or calling out the individual parcels for splitting. Any questions pertaining to assessment of the combined parcel must be directed towards the Assessor’s Offices
  4. Use the lookup icon next to each parcel number field to perform parcel number search
  5. You may search by owner name, parcel number or address
  6. Fill out the remaining fields and provide electronic signature on the bottom
  7. Click Submit button
  8. You will receive and email confirmation with completed form in PDF format