The Lake County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) was established to provide alternative sentencing to offenders who are veterans of the United States Armed Services. The program is comprised of three phrases where movement between phases is dependent on the results of IRAS (Indiana Risk and Needs Assessment) and participant’s progress. Case plan compliance can result in reduced court appearances and/or reduced level of supervision.

The Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) is available to adult male and female offenders who are Veterans of the United States Armed Services. Veterans must have received an honorable, less than honorable or general discharge from the service. Felony offense levels ranging from 2-6 or B-D felony are accepted into VTC. Misdemeanant cases will be considered based on history and intervention needs. VTC targets participants who have been diagnosed with substance abuse and /or co-occurring mental health disorders. The program ranges from eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) months depending on the participant’s progress.