Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Tickets

If the Ticket is in a Court Room in Crown Point you may Mail or Fax a copy of your ticket with the correct address included to the Lake County Traffic Clerk 2293 North Main Street Crown Point Indiana 46307 Fax 219-755-3609. If the ticket is in the Hammond Court Room  mail it or fax it to 232 Russell Street Hammond Indiana 46320, Fax  219-933-2805.  No address changes can be done over the phone.  You must also get your drivers license changed with the BMV.

Depending on division the ticket is assigned to, tickets may be paid online as follows



If paying before Court Date, online payment is allowed... If paying after Court Date, online payment is allowed..
1 By 3 p.m. on one business day prior to Court Date After 3 p.m. on 5th business day after Court Date
2 By 3 p.m. on one business day prior to Court Date After 3 p.m. on 5th business day after Court Date
3 By 3 p.m. on one business day prior to Court Date After 3 p.m. on 5th business day after Court Date
4 By 3 p.m. on one business day prior to Court Date After 3 p.m. on 5th business day after Court Date

For example, if your Court Date falls on Monday, your ticket must be paid by 3 p.m. on Friday. If you missed your Court Date and you are in Division 2, you may pay your ticket after 3 p.m. on the following Monday.

Keep in mind, however, that all Courts will suspend your license for Failure to Pay or Failure to Appear. There will be no grace period unless the Court has granted you "Time to pay". Therefore, it is in your best interest to pay your ticket before the court date.

Finally, you may always come in and pay your traffic ticket in person.

All traffic ticket payments received by 4:00 pm will be posted on thecurrent day. All traffic ticket payments received AFTER 4:00 pm will be posted on the next day. You will receive email order confirmation immediately after your card is charged. You will receive email receipt once your payment is posted which may take up to 24 hrs. If you do not receive an email receipt, please wait at least 24 hrs before contacting the Clerk's office. Currently, the posting process starts at 11 pm each day.

Division I  Judge Nicholas Schiralli 2293 North Main St Crown  Point,  IN 46307 219-755-3570
Division II Judge Sheila Moss 2293 North Main St Crown  Point,  IN 46307 219-755-3580
Division III Judge Julie Cantrell 2293 North Main St Crown  Point,  IN 46307 219-755-3595
Division IV Judge Jesse Villalpando 232 Russell St Hammond, IN  46320 219-933-2841

If you are a Canadian national and received traffic ticket in Lake County, Indiana, you may still pay online using a major credit card. To enter a Canadian address, please select "CN" from the list of states and then use zip code field to enter postal code. Other than that, the process is the same as for American citizens.

If paying by cashier's check or money order, you must use a bank that is associated with a bank in United States.

Payment for tickets can not be accepted until the ticket is received and entered into the Lake County Traffic Computer System.  This usually take 4-6 weeks from the time you received the ticket.  Once the ticket is entered a post card will be mailed to you. The post card will state your case number, the fine amount and if the case is in a CourtRoom in Crown Point or Hammond.  You may then pay your fine (1) In person at the Lake County Traffic Clerks Office 2293 North Main Street Crown Point Indiana 46307  if the Ticket is in Crown Point or at 232 Russell Street Hammond Indian 46320 if the case is in Hammond, with Cash, a Money Order or a Certified Check payable to the Lake County Traffic Clerk. (2) Mail a Money Order or a Certified Check with a copy of the Post Card to either Hammond or Crown Point depending upon where your ticket is.  Put your case number on the Money Order or Certified Check.  If you would like a receipt include a self addressed stamped envelope. (3) You may also pay your ticket on line at 
If your case number starts with... Your Division is... Your courtroom is...
45D07 1 County Division Room 1 - Crown Point
45D08 2 County Division Room 2 - Crown Point
45D09 3 County Division Room 3 - Crown Point
45D12 4 County Division Room 4 - Hammond
Traffic Misdemeanors, Conservation Citations, Child Restraint Violations, Driving While Suspended as well as some Local Ordanance Violations all require a Court appearance. You will receive a Court Date at the address on your Ticket.  Most other violations can be paid with no Court Appearance needed

Child Support Payments

The actual Total Amount is not known until we process your request. You will be preauthorized for the number of years of history requested but you will be charged for the number of years of history actually available. In any case, you will only be charged for what you actually receive.
The history report, once processed, should be emailed to the address provided during the intial request. Your request may be denied because of lack of case relationship or payment problem. In either case, you should always receive an email notification. If you do not receive the report within few days, you may check with the Clerk's office on the status of your request by replying to the original confirmation email.

Shopping Cart

Anytime you use a credit card for online purchases, the transaction actually consists of two steps:

  • Authorization - verifies that you have enough funds available and places a temporary hold on the funds equal to transaction amount. Depending on your credit card type and/or bank, this hold may remain on the account even if the transaction is declined. This hold may actually appear as a charge on the account until it expires. for example, for debit cards, the account funds may be impacted for 3 days. You may always contact your bank to have the hold removed.
  • Charge - processes the actual charge

Many online merchants including Lake County perform additional check to prevent online credit card fraud. This is why your transaction may be declined during Address Verification Service check. This check ensures that the address provided during check out matches the address on your credit card statement. So even if the credit card number and cardholder name is correct and there is enough funds, the transaction may be declined. If this happens, the temporary hold may remain on your account.

Please note that some banks may also lock your account after certain number of unsuccessful attempts.

You should not be alarmed when seeing these temporary holds on your account - they will eventually expire and go away. However, if the charge in question appears on your credit card statement, you should contact us so we can properly investigate your issue.

This is the 3-digit number on the back of your credit or debit card. For American Express cards, use the 4-digit number on the front of the card.

We recommend that you enter this number because your credit card company could decline the transaction if it's missing or incorrect.

You credit card may be rejected for several reasons. Usually problems such as invalid expiration date are communicated via self-explanatory error message.

If you get address verification message, it ususally means that the billing address provided does not match your credit card company records. It is at merchants discretion to either accept or reject transaction which failed address verification. For your added protection, Lake County chooses to reject transaction which fail address verification.

Here are some of the negative address verification response codes:

  • Z - zip code match / locale (city) no match
  • A - zip code match / zip+4 match / locale no match
  • G - no match at all
  • F - zip no match / zip+4 no match / locale match

Billing address defaults to the general address provided on the first registration screen. Make sure to change the billing address to match the address shown on your credit card statement.

The Lake County takes security very seriously. Our online order form is secured using a Verisign secure server certificate to protect you and your information.

When you click through to the order pages, you will notice your web-browser shows a padlock icon indicating a secure connection has been established.

This protects you in two ways:

Firstly, any information submitted to our web-site is transmitted through a secure encrypted connection. No one can intercept this information or eavesdrop on it since it is highly encrypted.

From a technical point of view, because the information is encrypted it is more secure than ordering by mail, fax or telephone. All these methods can be intercepted or eavesdropped on easily.

Secondly, the server certificate verifies the validity of the company you are dealing with. VeriSign is an independent company that verifies the credentials of each company before issuing them with a secure server certificate. This is allways the concern when dealing with what seems like an "anonymous" internet company.

Finally, we do not store your credit card number permamently on our computers. The credit card number is stored in temporary storage and is available for subsequent transaction until you close your browser or your session expires due to inactivity.


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