Superior Court Juvenile Division

The Mission of the Juvenile Court is:

  • To provide children and their families access to services designed to prevent and eliminate child abuse and neglect in Lake County;
  • To enhance the safety of our community by reducing and finally eliminating juvenile delinquency through prevention and intervention programs;
  • To secure a safe and permanent home for every child in need;
  • To assist families in providing stability and economic security for children born to single parents;
  • To secure an adoptive home for every child available for adoption;
  • To act in the best interest of all children appearing before the Court, balancing the child’s needs with the family’s rights and the community’s best interests and concerns.


The Lake Superior Court, Juvenile Division, emphasizes programs that will offer a positive influence on each child who is detained.  These programs stress specific factors and offer the following: 

  1. A secure setting where external controls provide a safe, clean and orderly living environment;
  2. Programs of constructive activities, which include education and recreation.
  3. Individual guidance from staff members.
  4. Accurate record keeping of the child’s behavior in order to assess the child’s needs.

While in detention, children will experience programs designed to meet and positively influence their educational, emotional and behavioral needs.  Limits and controls are also an important part of the programs designed to guide the child toward socially acceptable behavior.



    The Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex is conveniently located 1 ½ miles South of the intersection of US 30 and Taft, on 93rd Avenue, just North of the Lake County Government Complex.


      Our Team

      Stefaniak, Jr.

      Thomas P. Stefaniak, Jr.

      Senior Judge

      (219) 660-6964


      Jeffrey Miller

      Magistrate, Court Room #1

      (219) 660-6963


      Robert G. Vann

      Magistrate, Court Room #2

      (219) 660-6963


      Aimee M. Talian

      Magistrate, Court Room #3

      (219) 660-6963


      Timothy Haraminac

      Referee, Court Room #4

      (219) 660-6963


      Matthew Gruett

      Magistrate, Court Room #6

      (219) 660-6963


      Katherine Garza

      Magistrate, Court Room #8

      (219) 660-6940


      Timothy Ormes

      Magistrate, IV-D Gary

      (219) 881-6054


      Timothy Gericke

      Chief Deputy

      (219) 660-6950


      Ron Zochalski

      CTO & CISO

      (219) 660-6926


      Michael Gullette

      Personnel Administrator

      (219) 660-6946


      Kevin Elkins

      Chief Probation Officer

      (219) 660-6801


      Beth L. Rechlicz

      Deputy Chief Probation Officer



      John Dempsey

      Director, Juvenile Detention Services

      (219) 660-6929


      Sherri Sambor

      Administrative Assistant to the Judge

      (219) 660-6964


      Joann Price

      Director, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

      (219) 755-3199


       3000 W. 93rd Ave
      Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex
      Crown Point, IN 46307

      Phone: (219) 660-6900
      Fax: (219) 736-6209

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      Mon - Fri 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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