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Online Building Permits

Currently, you may request Survey Approval letter by contacting the Survey Department via email by clicking HERE.

The construction agreement form will need to be filled out for all new site plans. This form should be turned in with the survey at time of application.
For the foundation & as-built, all they need is their survey & permit number with information for return if other than the e-mail the request came in on.

You may replace any uploaded document as long as your request is in Draft state. Once you submit your request and it's Pending, you may no longer replace it. Use the "Ask Question" option to request assistance with document replacements.

Yes, you may apply online of you perform the work yourself. Yo will need to check the box(es) next to appropriate work type(s) on the online form and upload the Owner Affidavit.

NOTE: Single notarized Owner Affidavit document must be uploaded AFTER you submit the form. Simply click Manage Attachments for the request in question and then upload "Owners Permit Affidavit" required attachment.

The $3.50 Filing Fee was approved via County Ordinance to cover the cost of maintaining the online building application filing system. Portion of this fee ($0.50) is collected by the payment gateway vendor.

These may be the reasons why Parcel Number is being rejected:

  1. The Parcel Number you entered is invalid
  2. The address you entered is invalid
  3. The property is too new to be registered in the County property tax management system
  4. The property is located in incorporated part of the County. It must end with one of the following: "001", "002", "007", "012", "013", "016", "028", "032", "037", "041", "044", "055"

Use Property Lookup tool to retrieve correct Parcel Number using Owner Name, Property Address or Property Key.

Only Lake County licensed contractors in good standing will be listed. If particular contractor is not found in the search, it usually means that they:

  1. Did not renew their license, and/or
  2. Did not update their Insurance, and/or
  3. Did not update their Bond

You will not be able to file online (or in person) unless a contractor you use is in good standing.

This may happen when your are using a general contractor for a specialty trade. For example, you may be using a a general contractor to do your insulation but the contractor may not be designated as an insulation contractor. In such case, use the "Additional Contractor License #" field and search for the contractor by switching the license type drop down.
You will need to pay the online Application Filing Fee ($3.50) with a credit card but the Permit Fee can be paid with cash or check. If you want to pay the Permit Fee with cash or check, you will have to visit the Building Department in person. Please ensure that your request is in PaymentPending state before visiting the Building Department.

Contractor License Renewals

If your certificate of insurance or proof of bond is expired, you may update it during the online renewal process. It is optional to provide it but

Note that you will be asked for the recorded document number and NOT the document itself.

Recorded document number is obtained when you record the document at the Lake County Recorder's Office.

This number is called New Public Lookup ID and can be looked up online by going to

Your current license number should be listed on the receipt issued when you paid your license fee or your last renewal fee. Note that this number changes every year so use the most recent one.

If you don't have the receipt, please contact the Building Department at 219-755-3700.

During the sign up, make sure to review the information displayed after providing your license number. Do not proceed with signing up if the information displayed is incorrect or if you get invalid license number error message.

If you proceed without specifying valid license number, your account will not be properly associated with our contractor records and you will not be able to renew online.

Next year renewals are accepted on or after December 1st of each year.

If you license is expired, you may renew at any time.

If you renew expired license before December 1st, your new license will be valid until the end of current year and you will have to renew again after December 1st for the next year. 

If you renew expired license after December 1st, you will have the opportunity to renew for next year in a single transaction. For example, if you owe $75 to get your license current, total amount due will be $150 (current year + next year).

The license renewal cost is $75 per year. You will be charged $75 for every year the license was in expired state.

The payment processor (not the agency) charges 2.5% or $1.49, whichever is greater, transaction fee on all online license renewal fees paid.

If you don't want to incur the transaction fee, you may download a blank Renewal Application, complete it, have it notarized and then bring it in or mail it to the Building Department. If mailed, please enclose a check for total amount due. If in person, you may use check or cash.

The blank form can be downloaded here: 

Note that the blank form cannot be used for online renewals.


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