Attorneys and Parties should not phone the Court to request a continuance or to ask if a motion to continue was granted.

The Court’s ruling on a motion to continue will be reflected in the Chronological Case Summary, which can be accessed via the State of Indiana myCase or by telephoning the Clerk’s Office at 219-755-3465.

A continuance of any type of hearing must be requested by:
Filing a motion to continue with the Clerk before the hearing; or,
Making a motion to continue at the hearing.
Agreed motions to continue must be filed or made in the same manner.

Motions to continue must comply with Trial Rule 53.5 and Local Rule 7.

All written motions to continue, including agreed motions, must be filed with the Clerk and not faxed to the Court

Continuing Provisional Hearings

Refer to the Order setting Provisional Hearing.

Attorneys may coordinate Continued Provisional Hearings by or amongst themselves without first contacting the Court by selecting a new date on a Provisional Hearing Call, but the continued date must be within 45 days of the original Provisional Hearing date set by the Court.

The Court, at its discretion, may not allow multiple continuances of a Provisional Hearing.

Continuing Trials/Final Hearings

Motions to Continue Trials/Final Hearings are not encouraged, but if pursued, should be filed as early as possible in advance of the assigned date.

No Continuances by Phone, Fax or Email

No Hearing of any type will be continued by phone, fax, or email except in cases of emergency.

Coordinated Continued Hearings

If the Court grants a continuance and orders that the continued hearing be coordinated, the Court will issue an order to such effect designating which counsel is to coordinate such date and submit an order setting the coordinated continued hearing date.