The Lake Circuit Court is the Circuit Court for 31st Judicial Circuit of the State of Indiana, which encompasses Lake County, the second most populous county in the state.

The Circuit Courts of the State of Indiana are trial courts established by the Indiana Constitution. The Court has been in operation since the formation of Lake County in 1837.

The Court is trial court of general jurisdiction. The Court oversees the Lake County Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau. This Court shares its jurisdiction with the Lake Superior Court and only hears civil matters.

Circuit Court hears all matters listed: 

*Personal Injury
*Breach of Contract
*Medical & Professional Malpractice
*Adult Adoptions
*Administrative Review
*Reciprocal Support
*Mortgage foreclosures
*Collection of debt
*Mental health
*Protective orders
*Name changes
*Marriage License Correction
*Birth Certificate Correction
*All Case types in Probate
*Accepts appointments as Special Judge over various civil cases.

This court also hears cases committed by statute, including proceedings upon county Tax Sales & Tax Petitions.

4,089 Cases Filed In 2022