1. Expungements granted under 35-38-9-7 do not get sealed from public access.  They are marked as expunged in the case details and on the CCS however.  These are generally for higher level felony convictions.
  2. We no longer generate files for cases.  All cases created after February of 2019 have no hard file and older case files are not updated with new filings.
  3. Bond assignments need to be filed separately from plea agreements or pretrial diversion agreements.
  4. Bonds are now available for release to the person who posted the bond (mom, dad, etc.) There is a Cash Bond Agreement that the poster signs.  It does include wording that attorney fees may be deducted from bond.
  5. If a new criminal case is filed with a non-disclosure motion that is granted, the Clerk cannot provide attorneys with ANY information regarding the case.  This includes the cause number and whether or not the case even exists.
  6. Offenses filed after June 30, 2022 that are dismissed will qualify for automatic expungement.  There are processes in place with the court for this to happen without the defendant having to file anything.
  7. Bonds posted at the jail prior to charges being filed are receipted in as a “free standing bond” and are able to later be attached to the case IF ORDERED.
  8. Document requests for the 45G courts may be emailed to cpfelony@lakecountyin.org