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Facility Reservation

For public events, alcohol may be served but will require a certified server, certificate of insurance, and a temporary beer and wine permit (must be provided to Fairgrounds staff upon request).

For hard liquor or full bar service, and INDIANA licensed caterer must provide and serve the alcohol.

More information can be found here:

If you plan on serving food during your public event, you must obtain a temporary food permit from Lake County Health Dept. Such permit must be obtained directly from the Lake County Health Dept and must be submitted at least 10 days before event. Food permit must be provided to Fairgrounds staff upon request.
Certain facilities may be reserved in groups (for example, 4H Building + Shelter #1). Facility groups are listed as options during the reservation process. If combination of facilities you are interested in is not listed, you will have to reserved then individually.
Language for the digital signage (included with each business or organizational event online reservation)
  • Security is required if money is exchanged or if alcohol is served
  • Security is provided by the Lake County Sheriff Department @ $25/hr/officer payable directly to the officer at the time of event
  • Currently, Fairgrounds Superintendent makes all security arrangements and determines the number of officers needed
  • Customer does not need to do anything during the online registration with the exception of providing the hours security is needed 
Reservation date range is determine as follows:
  1. Setup - any event preparations take place; customer is charged flat set up fee per each day between setup date and event start date (a single day prior to event start is included if between 2pm and 9pm or 14 and 21 in military time)
  2. Event start - start of the event; customer is charged flat fee per each day between event start and event end dates
  3. Event end - end of the event
  4. Tear down - any event clean up and disassembly take place; customer is charged flat setup fee per each day between event end and tear down dates

Total rental fee is a sum of:

  1. Rental Fee
  2. Deposit Fee (this fee is refundable; see rental agreement for details)
  3. Setup + Tear down Fee
  4. Amenity Fee
  5. Transaction Fee (2.45% of rental fee or $1.49 whichever is greater)

If you did not receive your confirmation email within 5-20 minutes of submitting your reservation, please check your Spam mailbox. If you still cannot locate the confirmation email, you may reprint these documents. Simply login to your account, select the reservation from the list and click Rental Agreement button. Receipt is available by clicking the Receipts tab and then clicking the PDF icon next to the receipt listed.

This feature is provided as courtesy to others and to prevent overbooking. If you close down the browser in the middle of transaction, the date range selected will remain locked for the full 15 minutes. If you cancel the reservation in progress using the Cancel or Back button, the date range selected becomes immediately available for re-selection.

If during the online reservation you designate your event as "Charge for Door Entry", there will be a door fee of $0.50/person payable after the event. This fee must be paid within 30 days of the event.

This fee is NOT based on Estimated Attendance provided during online reservation. This fee will be calculated based on the actual attendance.

Amenities will vary by facility and must be approved separately by the Fairgrounds Superintendent. Fees are as follows:

Amenity Fee Per Day
Stage (size) $100 to $150
4H sound system $50
Industrial building PA system $50
Portabl 100-amp electrical service $50
*Self-contained (primitive) camping (no electric) $15
**Self-contained (primitive) camping (with electric) $25
Electric (per hook-up) $5
Notes to table:
*Only allowed with certain events and collected by Lessee
**Arrangements for special electric hookups must be made through the Superintendent's office for a qualified electrician, any costs to be paid by Lessee

On the website front page, click the Facilities button. There is a Rental Rates button for each facility listed. Rate is determined by the customer type and residential status.

Customer type is provided during the sign up process:

  • Type 1: Indiana non-profit corporation (proof required)
  • Type 2: 501c non-profit organization (proof required)
  • Type 3: City of Crown Point or its affiliate (proof required)
  • Type 4: Lake County government agency (proof required)
  • Type 5: Individual or corporation

Per rental agreement, all customers are required to return building to moved in condition in order to receive clean-up deposit. Clean-up deposit is refunded using a mailed check within 2 weeks after event end. If you don't receive a refund check after 2 weeks, please contact the Fairgrounds office.

The entire security deposit is refunded or nothing at all (no partial refunds)

We allow cancellation up to 30 days in advance of reservation. If less than 30 days, cancellation is allowed on case by case basis

For best user experience, please use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox browsers. We are currently working on providing better support for all browser types but, currently, you may get mixed results with Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari.


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