Duties of Probation Officers
Pursuant to I.C. 31-31-5-4, the duties of a Probation Officer are to:
  1. Conduct such investigations and prepare such reports and recommendations as the court directs and keep a written record of those investigations, reports, and recommendations
  2. Receive and examine complaints and allegations concerning matters covered by the juvenile law and make preliminary inquiries and investigations
  3. Implement informal adjustments
  4. Prepare and submit the predisposition report required for a dispositional hearing under the juvenile law
  5. Supervise and assist by all suitable methods a child placed on probation or in the probation officer's care by order of the court or other legal authority
  6. Keep complete records of the probation officer's work and comply with any order of the court concerning the collection, protection, and distribution of any money or other property coming into the probation officer's hands
  7. Perform such other functions as are designated by the juvenile law or by the court in accordance with the juvenile law