Arrive Alive …..Don’t Drink & Drive
Alcohol & Automobiles Are a
Deadly Mix
Alcohol has a profound effect on driving skills. Each year in the United States thousands lose their lives because an impaired driver made a reckless decision to drink and drive. Alcohol is a depressant. It is absorbed into the blood stream and affects bodily functions. Although quickly absorbed, don’t be fooled, alcohol remains in the body for an extended period of time. Don’t mistakenly believe so called sober remedies such as a cold shower or coffee will alleviate the effects of alcohol. Only time will eliminate alcohol from the body.
Because of its depressant effects, it impairs the functions of the mind and body and drivers can misjudge their capabilities, leading to potentially fatal consequences. These impairments depend on the amount of alcohol in the blood, as measured by blood alcohol concentration. If alcohol is used in conjunction with other drugs (legal or illegal), the effects of both substances will be increased – producing a synergist effect, posing an even a greater risk.
Some Of The Effects Of Alcohol That Affect Driving Skills Include:
Reaction Time: Slow reflexes can decrease the ability to react swiftly to situations;
Vision: Eye Muscles function slowly. Eye movement and perception are altered, vision becomes increasingly blurred, night vision and color perception is also impaired;
Tracking: Ability to judge the vehicle’s position on the road, the location of other vehicles, the center line, road signs, construction, etc. can be adversely affected;
Concentration: Attention to driving may decrease and drowsiness may occur;

Comprehension: The depressant effect of alcohol hinders the ability to make rational decisions. 

Arrive Alive …..Don’t Drink & Drive