New 2022 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit Public Notification

What is this Public Notification for?

With the issuance of the IDEM’s new MS4 General Permit on December 18, 2021, all current MS4 entities are
required to apply for coverage under the new MS4 General Permit. As part of the permit application process, MS4
entities seeking continuing coverage must notify the public of the intent of the MS4 (Lake County) to submit an
application to IDEM to obtain permit coverage as an MS4. Notification may be achieved by placing a notification on
the MS4 entity web page.

Public Notification Statement

Lake County (2293 North Main Street, Crown Point, Indiana 46307) intends to discharge stormwater into the Bruce
Ditch-Singleton Ditch (Hydrologic Unit Code 071200011311), Bull Run-West Creek (HUC 071200011308), Cady
Marsh Ditch (HUC 071200030303), Cedar Creek (HUC 071200011306), City of Merrillville-Turkey Creek (HUC
040400010505), Deep River-Deer Creek (HUC 040400010504), Duck Creek (HUC 040400010506), East Branch
Stony Run (HUC 071200011301), Fisher Pond-Stony Run (HUC 071200011302), Greisel Ditch (HUC 071200011304),
Headwaters Main Beaver Dam Ditch (HUC 040400010501), Headwaters Turkey Creek (HUC 040400010503),
Klaasville-West Creek (HUC 071200011309), Lake George-Deep River (HUC 040400010507), Little Calumet River-
Deep River (HUC 040400010508), Main Beaver Dam Ditch-Deep River (HUC 040400010502), Plum Creek Forest
Preserve-Plum Creek (HUC 071200030302), Plum Creek-Hart Ditch (HUC 071200030304), Spring Run (HUC
071200011303), and Town of Black Oak-Little Calumet River (071200030305) watersheds and is submitting a
Notice of Intent to notify the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of the MS4 entity’s intent to
comply with the requirements of the MS4 General Permit to discharge stormwater run-off. Please address MS4
Program Questions to: Cliff Duggan, Lake County MS4 Coordinator,, 219-755-3745.