About: Lake County has accepted electronic recordings since March 2021 and currently receives over 50% of our documents through E-Recording. E-Recording is a service that's available to title companies, law firms, banks and other businesses that record land record documents on a regular basis.The benefits of E-Recording include:

  • Faster Turnaround: Hours vs. days to get your document back.
  • The Race to the Courthouse Becomes Instantaneous: Your e-document beats one submitted via the mail.
  • Large potential cost savings in postage, overnight shipping, and delayed proceedings
  • Fewer Rejections and Faster Corrections: E-Recording eliminates rejections for incorrect fees. Rejected documents can be resubmitted in hours vs. days.

E-Recording Vendors:

Lake County currently accepts E-Recordings from three submitting vendors (below). To compare prices and to start E-Recording with Lake County, Indiana, please contact one of the following vendors:

Corporation Service Company (CSC) - Non Transfer Documents Only

Email: Support@GOePN.com
Phone number is 888-325-3365 Ext 1

Indecomm Global Services - Non Transfer Documents Only
(877) 272- 5250

Simplifile - All Documents (Transfer and Non Transfer Documents)

Joint Simplifile E-Recording Memo