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Automatic Billing
All Mortgage Companies & Tax Services are issued an I.D. number. All parcels charged to your institution under that I.D. number would be billed automatically to your company. Billing requests are updated prior to the billing of each tax installment.
Billing can be requested electronically. The billing will be balanced by your company according to any adjustments made to the original request, and then returned with payment.
After processing your payment, you will receive a reconciliation report detailing the posting to each property number. The reconciliation report serves as your receipt.
Billing Individual Properties
The following information is necessary for payments to be processed properly, otherwise checks will be returned.
  • Property number must be on all checks
  • Staple only check stubs to worksheets
  • A separate check is required for each property number being paid. No more than two checks total per property number one check for total tax and one for total penalties is acceptable.
  • If check does not match the amount due or the balance is zero, you must specify how payment is to be applied or the check will be returned.

Requesting Tax Bills

Tax bills must be requested by phone or in writing. There is a charge of $1.00 per bill. Please include property number, owner's name & property address on requests.  


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