The Functions of Our Juvenile Division

The function of the Juvenile Division is to process all IV-D/45D06 juvenile filings. Room 101 is a fulltime IV-D Clerk’s Office. Although our office is an IV-D Child Support Division, we also accept all 45D06 non-IV-D filings presented at our counter as well.

Non-IV-D issues

All non-IV-D Juvenile filings are accepted. Our office will process the filings and the QUEST data system will automatically forward the filings to the assigned judge in the Lake County Complex Building, or any other judge/magistrate that has jurisdiction of that particular Juvenile filing due to them being assigned as a “Special Judge”.

Examples of acceptable Non-IV-D filings are filings in regard to custody, contempt, parenting time issues, etc.

Examples of non-acceptable filings are Adoptions (AD), Guardianships (GU), initial New Juvenile Paternity filings, Juvenile Delinquent (JD), etc. These filings and questions are redirected to our Juvenile Division in Crown Point.