The Functions of Our Small Claims Division

The function of the Small Claims Division is to process filings from Plaintiffs who would like to sue or receive money that’s owed from a Defendant, for compensation up to $10,000.  This includes situations pertaining to Money Owed, Damages, Improper Work, etc.

BMV Court Ordered titles are filed in our small claims department. These filings allow Plaintiffs to receive a court ordered title through the BMV.

Landlords may file an Eviction within our office to have tenants Evicted or Evicted with a Damage Hearing to also receive compensation from a tenant being Evicted through our courts.  These cases are specifically for Evictions and Removal of Tenants.

Filing Fees

Small Claims Case(s) $97 Non-Sheriff Cases   $125 for Sheriff Service

Eviction Case(s) $125 Sheriff Service.  $10 for each Additional Defendant (5 max)

Fee waivers are available upon clients request

Small Claims Documents at a Glance

Notice of Claim
Interrogatories/Answers Counter Claims
Notice of Claim
Money Owed
Bankruptcy Correspondence Process Small Claims Motions, Petitions, Requests, etc.
Notice of Claim
BMV Car Titles
Small Claims Bench Warrants Garnishments
Return of Mail Small Claims Warrant Recalls Proceeding Supplemental Forms
Services Appeals All basic Clerk Office Duties as well
(phone, mail, counter services)