Clerk's Juvenile Office

Juveniles prefix is 45D06, that is our only prefix as we only have one Judge.

The Juvenile Clerk’s Office runs on the Quest case management system versus Odyssey like the rest of the County. Quest is not a public access site, and even though you may have your appearance entered on a case or be a party to the case, there is still not a way for you to view the documents publicly.  When you are filing through e-file, you are still using your file and serve system, when you log-in and go to start your filing, you file under Lake County Quest.

All case are confidential, except for JP’s and GU’s. Even though JP’s and GU’s are public, the Court will not allow you to get documents from these cases unless you are on the case.  Being that Juvenile is confidential we cannot release any information to a person that is not on the case. Therefore, if an attorney calls and wants any information and you do not have your appearance on file we cannot release anything to you, this includes the case number, you will need to get this from your client and then enter your appearance on the case.

We have only one Judge in Juvenile Division, the rest of the judicial officers are Magistrates or Referee’s. Judge Stefaniak is elected in to office, and then he proceeds to appoint his Magistrates or Referees.


 3000 W. 93rd Ave
Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex
Crown Point, IN 46307

Phone: (219) 660-6932