Judge Court Room Case Types
Judge Stefaniak Court Room 7 JC,JT
Magistrate Miller Court Room 1 AD, JC, JD, GU, JM, JS
Magistrate Vann Court Room 2 AD, JC, JD, GU, JM, JS
Magistrate Talian Court Room 3 JP,MI
Referee Haraminac Court Room 4 AD, JD, GU, PO, MI, JP
Magistrate Ormes Court Room 5 (Gary) JP, IV-D/Support Only
Magistrate Gruett Court Room 6 AD, JC, JD, GU, JM, JS
Magistrate Garza Court Room 8 JP, IV-D/Support Only


Judge Stefaniak will handle all initial JC cases, after the initial hearing he will assign to one of the Magistrates. Judge is also the only one that handles JT cases.

If a child has a JC case and an adoption or guardianship is filed it will be handled by the Magistrate that is handling their JC case.

Referee Haraminac handles all initial JD cases, and after the initial hearing will assign it to one of the Magistrates.  Referee is the only one who handles PO cases.