Case Code Description
ADOPTION - AD An adoption can happen in different circumstances. There are stepparent adoptions, adult adoptions, and adoptions of a child whose natural parent’s rights were terminated due to a JT case that was started due to a JC case. All adoptions in Juvenile do need to be filed by an attorney. If an adoption is filed and the child was involved in a CHINS matter, the adoption will be heard by the CHINS Judicial Officer.

This case type is known as a Child in Need of Services case. This case is likely to be brought to Court when there is a referral placed to DCS. DCS is obligated to investigate the Claim and decide to proceed with starting a CHINS case.


This case is known as a Child Alleged to be a Delinquent Child. This case is brought in to Court when a child has a situation involving police. The Police Department will file its police report with the prosecutor’s office and the Prosecutor’s Office will determine if they wish to pursue charges. If they do want to pursue the charges, then a JD case is generated.


This case can be brought to the Court via the Prosecutor’s IV-D Division or can be brought on by a pro-se, or by a private attorney.  JP cases that come in front of the Court brought in by the Prosecutor’s Office can only handle support issues. If a custody, visitation, tax exemption, or anything else arises besides Child Support then the matter has to be heard by another Magistrate or a Referee. A JP filed by a pro-se litigant or private attorney will be in front of a Magistrate that can handle all issues including child support.


These types of cases are civil protection orders.  If two people were never married and have a child in common the Juvenile Division will handle the protection order.

We can also handle protection orders on behalf of a minor against another minor. If an adult wants to file a protection order on a minor that can also be heard in Juvenile.

A next of friend can also file a protection order on behalf of a child against an adult or against a child in our Court.


Guardianship cases can be filed when someone besides a child’s parent wants custody or legal rights of that child. Sometimes when there is a CHINS case the permanency plan may be Guardianship. Guardianship can be achieved even if parent’s rights are not terminated. There can also be a guardianship filed when there is not a chins case. An aunt, grandparent, friend, sister, anyone can also file for a guardianship if they want. A different Judicial Officer handles those types of GUS. A pro-se litigant or a private attorney can file a GU case. Our GU cases cannot have estates though because our Magistrates and Referee will not handle issues of money. If the child is the subject of a chins matter, the GU will be heard in front of the Chins Judicial Officer.


Juvenile Miscellaneous, this case type is just as it sounds, miscellaneous. This can be any sort case that does not follow one of the other categories. This can be an informal adjustment, such as when DCS is involved but there is not enough probable cause for a CHINS case. This will happen sometimes and the court will leave this open for 6-12 months to make sure no other incidents occur and then close the case as long as everything is complied with.

A JM can also be an expungement of a previous chins case or previous DCS records.

A JM can also be opened for a child that was involved in a CHINS matter and now is past the age of 18. This can stay open until the child is 21, this has DCS still involved with the child and the child can get help with housing or things as long as they are complying with what is asked from DCS.

JM cases are brought forward by DCS most of the time, but when a JM is used for an expungement it can be brought on by a pro-se or private attorney.


Juvenile Status, these types of cases are brought forth from the prosecutor’s office. This case type is referred usually from the School/truancy office. The prosecutor will get a referral from the school with all of the absences a child has and the prosecutor will then bring a case against the child and the parents.


Miscellaneous, this case type is used in Juvenile only for Grandparent Visitation. When the grandparents of a child want visitation with that child but the parents will not allow it a case can be filed. A pro-se party or a private attorney can file this.


Juvenile Termination, this case can also be known as a TPR. This is a termination of parental rights. This case is brought on from DCS when the child’s CHINS case has reached past a point of reunification and the parents have not complied with services to reunify the parents and the child. A termination usually will happen when the permancy plan for the child is Adoption.