Each child has to have their own case filed, meaning if you have sibling cases for JP, GU, AD each child has to have their own case filed. The petition can have all the information on one document or they can have their own petition, but each child has to have their own case number. The Court can decide to consolidate the matters later, but at first filing, it has to be filed separately. Until the cases are consolidated every time you file a pleading, it needs to be filed under each cause number.

If children are full siblings, only one filing fee is required because the parties are all the same. You can use the waiver option in the payment section so that you do not pay the filing fee for a second time.  If the children are half siblings then a separate fee is required.

When you file a summons, citation, notice, summons by publication or any other document that needs signed and sealed through the que whether it be a new filing or subsequent filing it will be signed and sealed and come back to you when your fling is accepted. The signed and sealed document will not have a court date in it. Once the court issues a court date, you will fill in your date, and send your document to the sheriff, process server, or however you intend to serve your document.

When filing a new guardianship case please make sure that you do file the guardianship registry information sheet form. Juvenile started placing guardianships in to the registry as of January 1, 2022.

All protection order filings have to be filed through the protection order Que. They cannot be filed through the normal e-filing que; the case will not show up in the regular Que.

When filing your pleadings please make sure to have the appropriate amount of zeros, and the dashes where they are prompted. If you do not have this information in, then you will not be able to pull up your case.

Being most of our case types are confidential, even if a government entity requests documents of confidential cases, I have to ask permission from the Judicial Officer who handled the case to release the information.


When you are filing a new case or when you are wanting your summons, citation, or notice served by sheriff, please make sure you are adding your sheriff fee in e-filing.

You can’t make child support payments or pay any type of bonds in the Juvenile Clerk’s Office. If the bond is for child support and the person is in Jail and the Clerk’s Office is open, the bond will be paid in the Child Support Division. If the Clerks Office is closed the bond is to be paid through the Jail.

If the Child is a minor and is being charged as an adult and has a bond, that bond is to be paid through the Clerk’s Office where the charges are; most likely this will be the Felony Clerk’s Office.